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In inspiration on May 17, 2010 at 12:10 am

Find your way

Map making means give people a chance to find their way.
In past centuries, maps of continents and islands were important secrets to discover the world, and find richness and new territories.
Colonial powers such as Spain, Netherlands and England have always tried to expand and hide their knowledge about cartography.
Nowadays satellites, GPS and Internet give everyone the possibility to find whatever, around the world.
And also maps have become a means of communications and marketing.
Here some examples of very famous and important maps where we can find inspiration.

London Tube map
Here what was important was to show the different stations and the connections between the lines with straight segments, so the cartography was not linked anymore to the physical shape of the city.

Helsinki Design District map

Ventura Design District map – Milan

Zona Romana map – Milan

Zona Tortona map – Milan

Bye Bye Fly – by Giulio Iacchetti
The city of Milan, thanks to the importance of its Design Week, have found many ways to create a specific brand images, and map visualisations are important components of that.

Map as story-telling, Black Mass by Justin Bennet
The English artist, now based in the Netherlands, Justin Bennet has created an very interesting video about birth, growth and death of urban spaces, just showing the changes of a Utopian city map.